Architectural Paving Systems

Architectural Paving Systems, LLC is owned and operated by Dave De Angelis and Mike Bock. Since its inception in 1997, APS has positioned itself as a premier installer of decorative concrete paving in the Tulsa area. Both Mike and Dave are known for their commitment to the highest quality specialty concrete, and APS offers more than just imprinted concrete. The advancements in processes and materials over the past 15 years allow for very artistic and dramatic finishes in concrete. Our latest addition to decorative concrete is our versatile vertical wall imprinting system.

Dave started in the imprinted concrete industry in 1976 and Mike's experience began in 1983. With nearly 50 years of combined professional experience, Dave and Mike have estimated coloring, imprinting, and creating special finishes on over 3 million square feet of decorative concrete.

Besides having a well-established background in the decorative concrete field, Dave and Mike also have the knowledge of general concrete installation practices, as well as the understanding of mix designs. Proper concrete mix designs effect the final results of decorative concrete. Combined with skillful finishing techniques, this adds up to quality installations.

Dave and Mike's many years in the industry have allowed them to experience the use of over 120 different imprinting tools. From open grid to textured tooling, different imprinting patterns present unique challenges on each installation. Their knowledge of managing countless jobsite situations and designs further qualifies their ability to create high quality and uniquely crafted installations.

At APS, our reputation is built on quality, efficiency, cleanliness, and very high standards. We are a family run business, and all of our work is completed by our owners and qualified staff. Our company focuses on tightly managing each job from start to finish!

Our company is licensed by the City of Tulsa, fully insured with General Liability and Workers Comp insurance. If you have any questions, please contact us.