Architectural Paving Systems

At APS, we can help you achieve the vision you desire. Our many techniques of installing colored, imprinted, and other forms of decorate concrete will transform your dreams into reality. Individuals, design professionals, pool builders, general contractors, and home builders are among the many that use our services.


APS uses high quality color hardeners that are worked into the surface of the wet concrete mix—this is the best method of coloring concrete. Color hardeners have a high dosage rate of pigments relative to lower percentage dosage rates of integrally colored concrete. Because of these higher dosage rates, the color consistency is much better from pour to pour during the various stages of a job. Another advantage in using this coloring system is that the specific type of silica aggregate used in color hardeners creates a more durable wearing surface when worked into the concrete.


When you add up all the years of experience of imprinting concrete by APS employees, it totals over 95 years! Our crews have imprinted over 150 different patterns in an endless variety of jobsite situations. Our experience allows us to bring to reality what a designer can dream up on paper. We also work directly with many homeowners to help them create artistic paving designs that they will enjoy for many years in the future.


Existing concrete (both interior and exterior) can be colored using various types of stains, including acid-based, water-based, and acetone stains. The type of stain used can vary depending upon the scope of work, job conditions, and the final appearance the customer is searching for. It is important for the customer to know that staining will not “cover up" existing flaws. It is a topical process, intended for color effect only.


  • Multicolor Patterns
    In combination with the standard imprinted concrete process, we can use some special effects techniques to multicolor various patterns.
  • Salt Finishes
    Salt finishes are also part of our repertoire. For over 12 years, APS has been using this technique to accent imprinted concrete jobs, as well as doing the entire scope of work in salt finish. We use only a particular range of salt sieve sizes to create the best appearance in salt finishes.
  • Buff Wash Finish
    Buff wash finish is a specially developed method for creating a non-slip surface for patios, pool decks, splash pads, and any other environments where water is present. This technique can also be used when integrally colored concrete is specified.
  • Sandblasting
    Sandblasting can be used to create graphic designs, lettering, and logos. We typically sandblast on stone textured concrete designs in order to personalize signage, create dramatic graphics and logos, or memorialize names of people or places. Special sandblast stencils are used to create the desired effect.